Wnyc Stream Url

Wnyc Stream Url

The new unit ostensibly serves two purposes: As I wrote then: And is this part of a larger narrative that sees WNYC angling to enter a flexible relationship with its public broadcasting responsibilities?
wnyc stream url


Wnyc Stream Url

The new unit ostensibly serves two purposes: As I wrote then: And is this part of a larger narrative that sees WNYC angling to enter a flexible relationship with its public broadcasting responsibilities? Here are the high-level takeaways: The division, then, can be read a move to better position the station to optimize programming for both platform categories. To be a stronger talent magnet? What would it mean to inspire new voices and diversity? According to Cappello and Walker, WNYC Studios is largely a formalization of several initiatives that have been taking place over a longer period of time in piece-meal fashion.

It strikes me as relatively brisk, especially for a public institution — according to a common groan I hear in the industry, any decision-making process around a project of this scale tends to be slow. Furthermore, one could also probably infer the emotional context of the room: Coincidentally, November was also the month when Hot Pod was born.

Content development. Of course, the key difference being that WNYC Studios is rolling off a rich history of successful broadcast-oriented programming. However, that analogy turned out to be a lot more literal than initially anticipated. We should be focusing on making shows that huge chunks of America will entertain themselves with.

The fundraising process is still very much active and in its early stages as of our conversation last week. These funds will be used to pilot projects and to expand revenue streams: Side note: But its capacity to reorient and accelerate is clearly bounded by its public commitments.

Internal talent development. Time will tell whether this is the case. In the meantime, the station has been conducting the initial phases of an internal fellowship program that sounds like it would encourage rotations of earlier-stage talent between shows and divisions.

This program is currently led by Suzie Lechtenberg , the former executive producer of Freakonomics Radio. If not, you know what to do.

One more thing on WNYC. On diversity. I imagine the press release is floating around on the Internet somewhere. More FT on pods. The Financial Times has been pretty great on covering the business of the emerging podcasting space — a whole lot more than The Wall Street Journal, anyway. You should check out the interview in full on the FT Alphachat podcast here , but here are two things that stood out to me: From what I understand off the gossip mill, most, if not all, of that revenue is being reinvested into the company to further fuel expansion — as should be the case.

Some updates on upcoming Gimlet projects: A dent in the NPR universe. Current reported out the data and provided a great overview of the situation , and you should definitely check out the piece in full, but here are a couple of details that stood out to me: Gwynne Villota, a senior research manager at NPR, with a fascinating quote: Strategically, the organization appears to essentially have three choices: But wait, what the hell are we even talking about here?

The report appears to categorize online radio streaming as a separate category from traditional radio. Someone disabuse me of this. To go the opposite direction, take the risk, and double down on digital — either streaming or on-demand.

To attempt some sort of middle ground — that is, to watch the markets on both ends and split its efforts to grow both pies at agreeable rates. Alternatively, a perfectly valid choice is for NPR to bite the bullet and aim for a niche market: Not unlike, perhaps, what we think about when we think about New Yorker readers. Small is beautiful. Digiday here with a fascinating piece on Goat Rodeo DC , a podcast collective that hopes to go the hyperlocal route by matching smaller, more region-oriented shows with local advertisers.

Money quote:

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Many internet radios have WNYC as a preset. You can also use the Options menu on our website player to select the compatible stream URL and enter it. Listen to WNYC FM internet radio online for free on audrey-allure.com All radio streams and radio stations at one glance. Discover online now. It extends New York’s cultural riches worldwide via podcasting and streaming on audrey-allure.com The station produces plenty of original programming each.

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Middays with Annie Bergen – Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto for Oboe and Violin in C Minor, BWV , Viktoria Mullova (violin), Francois Leleux (oboe). WNYC Radio. The new unit ostensibly serves two purposes: As I wrote then: And is this part of a larger narrative that sees WNYC angling to enter a flexible. FMSTREAM – The Radio Stream Directory. live/mp3//audrey-allure.com3. mp3 . New York, NY, USA Talk News audrey-allure.com New York Public Radio.

Wnyc Stream Url

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