Weather Watcher Live Download

Weather Watcher Live Download

Are you searching for an effective solution to thoroughly get rid of it off your PC? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place and you will be able to uninstall Weather Watcher Live 7. There may be many other problems computer users run into when uninstalling Weather Watcher Live 7. As a matter of fact, those issues are caused by improper uninstallation of the program.
weather watcher live download

Weather Watcher Live 7.2.173 With Crack

Weather Watcher Live Download

Changes for v5. Tray icon left single-click and left double-click actions to refresh the wallpaper. Previous changes caused the status window to lose its transparency, so the original code has been restored. For Windows bit users, the Weather Watcher system tray icon was reverting back to Italic after retrieving the weather when the “Set tray icon to Italic until first weather update” option was enabled.

Updated colors of all textboxes and dropdowns on the Weather Watcher interface so that they will display properly when using custom Windows colors. Made some changes to the DL. EXE application to resolve Internet connection issues. If using the wallpaper map feature, Weather Watcher will automatically update the URLs for the selected wallpaper map s when new maps are installed at startup. The Daylight Remaining tooltip item was not calculating correctly when the sunrise and sunset occurred on different days.

Weather Watcher was not releasing object handles used by the DL. EXE application after retrieving the weather. Updated map list links to fix the maps that were no longer updating. Proxy server and port text boxes to the “Internet” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Rewrote DL. EXE application to work around some data retrieval issues created by the recent IE8 and Windows updates. The new DL. EXE application downloads data more quickly and should work for those people who found that Weather Watcher could no longer retrieve the weather after installing those recent Windows updates. Aligned the “Observed” and “Downloaded” time stamps at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher window. The status window that shows the weather retrieval progress will now load inside of the main Weather Watcher window, regardless of the screen position of the main window.

Option to keep maps as-is when new maps are installed by the Weather Watcher installer. Made adjustments to improve tray icon background transparency when ClearType is enabled in Windows. Made changes to the weather data download process to prevent the cursor from switching to a busy cursor while the data is being retrieved.

Tray icon was not reverting to previous settings if the tray icon font or text color was changed and the Weather Watcher Options window “Cancel” button was pressed.

Tray tooltip window text was completely removed after modifying the Tray Icon font settings in the Weather Watcher Optons window. When using the “Update wallpaper when a severe alert is downloaded” option, the wallpaper was updating for severe alerts that were being filtered out.

Issue that was caused weather alerts to be ignored for some locations Changes for v5. Severe alert sounds to the Weather Watcher installer optional install item. When clicking the “UPDATE” button, Weather Watcher will force a weather update — rather than relying on the last updated time stamp to determine if an update is necessary. Weather Watcher map file delimiter to ” ” to work around international character issues.

The skins were not being copied to the Weather Watcher user settings location on the very first Weather Watcher run. All Weather Watcher windows were loading centered on the desktop after opening and closing the color dialog box in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

Adjusted the weather data cache time to prevent the weather data from being locally cached too long. This caching issue was most noticeable when the weather was updated between 12 AM – 1 AM.

The weather data was being cached too long — causing Weather Watcher to display outdated forecast data. This issue was primarily affecting locations outside of the US Changes for v5. The map s selected in the “Wallpaper” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window were not the same maps that were displaying as the wallpaper Changes for v5. Hundreds of new weather maps most in the US.

Added “-i” and “-id” command line parameters to force Weather Watcher to save its settings in an. INI file within the Weather Watcher program folder instead of the registry. The “-i” parameter will tell Weather Watcher to use the current Windows profile name as the name of the. INI file. The “-id” parameter will tell Weather Watcher to use “Default. Weather Watcher user settings files have been moved from the Weather Watcher program folder to the current user’s Windows profile.

Moved “Only download updates when connected Added new download method to prevent DL. EXE from locking up while downloading weather data. Celsius temperature conversion in the detailed daily text weather forecast. Improved the Weather Watcher Options window responsiveness. Checkmark beside the active city in the “Change Active City” system tray menu item. Tweaked the weather data processing methods to speed up those processes.

Map Manager “View” button to “Preview”. Added tweaks to improve overall application performance. Wallpaper was not resetting when Weather Watcher was closed in Windows Vista. Removed broken maps. The Splendid Options are no longer stored inside of Internet Explorer cookies. Modified the Weather Watcher system tray double-click rate so that it complies with the Windows double-click rate.

When the barometer reading falls below Skinned tooltip window does not display the weather information if the “Hide value descriptions” box is checked in the “Tray Tooltip” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window. Skinned tooltip window bottom margin height does not always match the top margin height. Removed city code e. Made improvements to dl. Added a workaround to deal with the Windows XP bug that prevents the Weather Watcher system tray icon from loading when Weather Watcher is set to load when Windows starts.

Weather Watcher was duplicating the city list at times when closing the Weather Watcher Options window. Hourly forecast was not listing the days correctly when the hours are out of synch at weather. Option to minimize Weather Watcher to the Windows Taskbar. Included an updated, Windows Vista compatible Weather Watcher help manual. City list was duplicating itself at times when closing the Weather Watcher Options window Changes for v5.

Modified the DL. EXE data downloader to prevent data from being pulled from the IE cache. Modified the Weather Watcher exit procedure to ensure the WW. EXE process is closed when Weather Watcher is exited. Interface skin SKIN. Weather Watcher was crashing when “Exit” was selected from the main Weather Watcher window’s right-click menu. Tooltip skin SKIN. INI file’s “FontColor” setting was not being used by the skinned tooltip window. Bug that was causing the tooltip to only display the conditions icon after retrieving the weather for a city that has a severe weather alert CHANGED: Included a modified DL.

Bottom spacing of the skinned tooltip window was not being set properly when the location was not displayed. Enhanced look of skinned tooltip window.

Additional tooltip window text properties have been added to the “Skin. Enhanced look of Weather Watcher Options window. When right-clicking Weather Watcher tray icon, the Windows Taskbar menu was also opening sometimes.

Forced all template tags to uppercase. In previous builds, some lowercase template tags were being overlooked. Issue that was preventing Weather Watcher Options window from opening for some users. Splendid forecast skin JavaScript error was popping up when severe weather alerts contained an apostrophe e.

Today’s weather. Splendid forecast skin temperature bulb text now automatically resizes to fit bulb width. The skinned tooltip window will auto refresh if visible when the weather is updated. Reverted weather download method to the Weather Watcher 5. GIFs with transparent backgrounds were not displaying with transparent backgrounds in the skinned tooltip window. Rebuilt the weather download method to ensure a more stable user experience.

The Options window was not opening with the last selected tab. When using the custom skinned tooltip window position, the window now automatically adjusts its horizontal position when the height of the tooltip window changes.

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Download Weather Watcher Live for Windows. Weather Watcher Live is a shareware that provides users real-time weather forecasts and updates from. The Weather Watcher Live application is your personal, real-time Windows desktop satellite weather station. View real-time weather conditions in your. Weather Watcher Live, free and safe download. Weather Watcher Live latest version: Keep up with the latest weather reports.

Weather Watcher Live 7.2.222

Quickly access your local weather conditions, hourly forecasts, daily forecasts, severe alerts, and maps on any Windows computer. See the release notes for the latest changes. Don’t have a license?


Changes for v5. Tray icon left single-click and left double-click actions to refresh the wallpaper. Previous changes caused the status window to lose its transparency, so the original code has been restored.

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Weather Watcher Live Weather Watcher is your Windows desktop weather station. Automatically gathers the actual conditions, hourly forecast, detailed forecast, daily forecast, severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service (US only), and weather maps more than. Weather Watcher Live Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC. Its full offline installer standalone setup of Weather-Watcher-Live for PC. Free alternatives to Weather Watcher Live for Windows. A free app for Windows, by Sonthakit. Free In English Download Hotmail Watcher free.

Weather Watcher Live Download

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