Waves V9r30

Waves V9r30

Moved all licenses to cloud Cleaned all waves folders Installed all my plugins with v9r29 Managed all licenses with v9r I would open up Reaper and where is my VEQ4? Or where is my Kramer HLS?
waves v9r30

waves 9 complete bundle v9r30

Waves V9r30

Moved all licenses to cloud Cleaned all waves folders Installed all my plugins with v9r29 Managed all licenses with v9r I would open up Reaper and where is my VEQ4? Or where is my Kramer HLS? So I had to reinstall and clear cache at least 3 times before everything showed up properly and I don’t have any problems now. I was also trying to install the 64 bits only and no VST3. I abandonned and settled for both 32 and 64 bit and everything is working now.

So I’d say don’t give up with the new version try various installations until it works. Rusty Falcon , Since I was a pretty active grumbler in this thread I think it’s time to close my issues on a positive note.

I got to the point where I was pretty certain it was a problem with ‘ntdll. To correct this, my choices were a repair install to Windows 7 or upgrade to Windows 10 I did a Win7 repair install on my wife’s desktop earlier in the year and knew this would involve hours of updates and settings to get back to functional. And I’d still be on Windows 7. Decided to take the plunge last week and did the Windows 10 upgrade. Surprisingly and pleasantly, the only drivers I had to install were for my NVIDIA card, my Creative sound card used for gaming, not music , and a webcam.

The FW worked just fine after the update apparently using the same driver as it did under Windows 7. I did however completely remove Waves from my computer and followed the linked guide for a clean Waves Central install. Guess what Reaper 5. Working on my first mix with the new setup now and it seems solid. Then reinstalled L2 through Waves Central.

After that opening any project that had L2 on it made Reaper crash immediately. L2 wasn’t visible in the plugins list either when opened from an empty project. The fix was to open an empty project and “clear cache and re-scan” the plugins after I uninstalled Waves Central and did these: Enter the Roaming folder.

Delete the Waves Audio folder. Navigate to C: Delete the Central folder. Delete the Cache folder. Now everything seems to be back to normal.

Scratch that. Now Reaper hangs again immediately when I try to open the project. Now it works again after I re-scanned again. We’ll see if that situation stays.

ReaDave , It would run fine once after I installed Waves and then crash every time after that. That fixed the crashing issues. I worked around that by downloading Free Commander XE http: I now do drag and drop from that. Hopefully a more permanent solution from either Waves or Cockos or both in collaboration will resolve the issue properly.

Until then, this works for me. Problems in Reaper, Podium and Harrison Mixbus MJFarmermac , Now I’m having an issue where the waves GUI won’t show. Just a blank white box with the reaper controls at the top. The plugin still functions- I can hear it working, and if I hit the “UI” button reaper will show me all the controls, but depending on the complexity, that can be tedious. The same plugin will show on some other tracks but some tracks, nada. Seems random. Any ideas?

Indemuse , I got the same spiel from Waves so I went back to 9. Here is my reply to Waves. Everyone in the Reaper community needs to voice their displeasure: Please pass along to those that make decisions at Waves – we in the Reaper community love your plugins and we are deeply hurt that you will not make them more compatible with a DAW that is growing by leaps and bounds in both capability and popularity.

As Reaper becomes more mainstream in a time when ProTools is losing customers left and right, I think it would be a good business decision for Waves to investigate the eventual need to make Reaper a supported platform. Thank you. Hi Robert. Thank you for your comments. Just to let you know we are aware of Reaper’s popularity and we are going to qualify this DAW.

For some reason it’s not an smooth process and we are encountering some issues but we are qualifying it as we speak. I still do not have an ETA for official support and keep in mind that it might take a while. If you need further assistance feel free to contact us or visit http: It’s a 1.

This can be found online still on the Multirack download page http: If you select the V9 Plugins link on that page you will see it will offer the “offline” installer.

What worked for me; given I already had Waves Central installed: If you do NOT do this, I think you are going to have licensing issues if you follow my steps to delete all Waves content from your C: Bear in mind your user presets may be stored under the C: You will need to manually select all the packages and single plugins you own in the installer checkbox list. Let this install the Waves License Center.

No need since they were previously installed using the v9r30 offline installer. I copied the WavesShell files 9. I opened a recent project that uses a pile of Waves plugins plus other stuff from Soundtoys, Slate, etc.

Did a ‘Clear Cache Rescan’ operation. Did not receive any errors from Reaper about unavailable or unlicensed plugins. Let it run minutes after making some changes and saving. No crashes. Turned autosave back on with a 15 minute interval. Noted that project folder now contains valid autosave files. FWIW my Waves plugins all report version 9.

I also use StudioRack Native which reports version 9. What a pain in the butt. At least I was able to find a way to get back to work. Hopefully this will help others as well with similar problems on Windows 7 and Reaper. Thanks a ton for this. I followed this step by step and I have a complete fresh waves install but it hasn’t helped at all.

Any pointers? Actually I’ve moved on to the full Waves Central. I did upgrade my PC to Windows 10 and before doing so completely removed all Waves plugins and manually cleaned up using this procedure from Pro-Tools-PC site: Definitely be sure you have the most recent Waves Central installer from waves.

There have been some updated versions show up and perhaps they addressed some Reaper issues. I think doing so pokes the WaveShell dll so that it gives up a new list of plugins to Reaper. Sorry I can’t be much help other than that. I decided to reinstall waves central I couldn’t, for the life of me, get the Gold bundle demo to install so I thought a reinstall might help..

Problem – now, when I install the plugins via the waves central interface it appears to download something and says that it has completed but nothing has downloaded anywhere – no waveshell. In fact, the waves central installer didn’t create a ‘Waves’ folder in Programs at all. I’ve tried the whole procedure again – same result. This installer unfortunately does not contain every Waves plugin. It seems it hasn’t been updated for a long time. The eMo plugins are not there and, as far as I can tell, StudioRack isn’t there either.


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Waves Complete 9r30 VST, VST3, RTAS x86 x64

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Waves V9r30

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