Vienna Piano Vst

Vienna Piano Vst

The innovative implementation of meticulously recorded pedal-up and pedal-down notes in up to velocities, comprehensive sympathetic resonances, and multiple release samples make the Vienna Imperial quite honestly the most realistic sampled piano ever created. No less importantly, the Vienna Imperial is so easy to use. The Basic View of the user interface lets you choose between three recording positions close, player, and audience. The Advanced View gives you quick and easy access to more control options such as convolution reverb, EQ, pedal noises, sympathetic resonances, stereo width, MIDI sensitivity and more.
vienna piano vst

The most realistic sampled piano ever created.

Vienna Piano Vst

Pros Amazingly consistent sound. Great playability. Three piano-specific room reverbs. Straightforward, efficient interface. Cons No blending of mic positions. On-screen keys are fixed velocity. Using its new proprietary “piano engine”, it’s then squeezed the GB of So what’s the story? In detail VSL’s new engine uses lossless data compression, which is decompressed on the fly.

Unlike some other VSL instruments, it doesn’t come in ‘standard’ and ‘extended’ editions; the package comes with all articulations available, including pedal noise, sympathetic resonances and multiple release samples, all taken from three recording positions.

This immense sample set offers up to velocity layers per note, and when you factor in the various articulations, this equates to roughly recorded samples per key. The interface has Basic and Advanced pages, with the former offering a selection of mic positions close, player and audience.

The Advanced page has much more, including 3-band EQ; a nice convolution reverb sourced from the Wiener Konzerthaus in Vienna ; stereo width adjustment; and faders to control sympathetic resonance, pedal noise and MIDI velocity response.

You can also reduce the sizeable CPU hit by lowering the Polyphony setting, and there’s a handy Optimize feature that tags notes that you’re using in your piece and unloads the ones you’re not.

Sonically, Imperial is very impressive, exhibiting amazing consistency both from note to note and in terms of velocity. This makes playing pianissimo as seductive as full-on, pedal-down forte. However, such subtleties can easily reveal the limitations of your controller keyboard, and we found VI’s MIDI velocity offset very useful in achieving the desired response.

What’s CEUS? This is a very advanced ‘player piano’, and is capable of replaying pieces from MIDI. Not only that, but it can record and then play back a musician’s performance.

It achieves this by means of optical sensors that record the hammer, key and pedal movement, with replay coming via solenoids. Such a powerful system has many uses, but from VSL’s perspective, it provides them with the ideal method to program, replay and record almost 70, samples with a level of consistency not normally possible.

Finally, you can only utilise one mic position at once, unlike, say, Quantum Leap Pianos from East West where you can blend them. Grumbles aside, Vienna Imperial is one of the most consistent sampled pianos we’ve ever tried and will delight those who can afford it. Listen to our Vienna Imperial audio demo and you’ll hear: The three recorded positions: Full scale up and down arpeggio at six different velocities using the ‘player’ sample set.

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Vienna Symphonic Library first entered the sampled piano fray in with . Vienna Imperial runs as a VST, AU or RTAS plug‑in or as a stand-alone. Vienna Imperial | The most massive piano sampling – Bösendorfer Imperial | velocities and AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, Standalone, VST, Win. Galaxy II Vienna Grand | Bösendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano | Powerful AAX native, AU, KontaktPlayer powered, Mac, RTAS, Standalone, VST, Win.

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This beautifully hand-crafted instrument with its laminated wooden housing and its poured iron frame has not changed much since it was first developed at the end of the 19th century. With a length of cm almost 9 ft. The reasons are obvious:

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Pros Amazingly consistent sound. Great playability.

VIDEO: NI Piano VST Test – Vienna Baroque by Nema | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Vienna Imperial | The most massive piano sampling – Bösendorfer Imperial | velocities and AAX native, AU, Mac, RTAS, Standalone, VST, Win. I own VEPro 7 and the Synchron Pianos bundle. VEPro is currently the ONLY VST host with high capacity AND really low latency. Trust me, I tried everything. Stream NI Piano VST Test – Vienna Baroque by Nema from desktop or your mobile device.

Vienna Piano Vst

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