Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working

What if you have already lost your data? In fact, the reason behind a stopped Samsung keyboard is a pretty simple one. Just like any software application, Samsun keyboard too can stop responding and show an error message. At a glance, a software crash can sound pretty complex to a novice phone user. As a general smartphone user, you will not be able to debug this issue manually.
unfortunately samsung keyboard has stopped working

How to Fix Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Error?

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working

What if you have already lost your data? In fact, the reason behind a stopped Samsung keyboard is a pretty simple one. Just like any software application, Samsun keyboard too can stop responding and show an error message. At a glance, a software crash can sound pretty complex to a novice phone user.

As a general smartphone user, you will not be able to debug this issue manually. If your Samsung keyboard has stopped, we can help you fix it. All you have to do is to follow the simple methods mentioned in this article. All the methods used to fix this keyboard error are pretty simple as you may see. Our first method is clearing the keyboard cache.

You may try this exceptionally simple and easier method to fix the keyboard errors associated with Samsung devices. After all, Samsung Keyboard is nothing but an app. By clearing the keyboard cache, we expect to eliminate unwanted data and files from this app. When an app is free from unwanted data, it is more likely to function with better speed. You will then be able to see built-in apps and downloaded apps listed under this tab. You should know that Samsung Keyboard is a built-in app. As a result of this process, the settings related to your keyboard app will lose.

However, you can configure the settings the way you want later on. After clearing the cache, you should restart your Android device. And here is everything about Samsung reactivation lock bypass for your info. You may know that force restart is a common method used by Android users to solve various issues. In fact, force restarting can resolve most of the minor problems related to the performance of Android apps. With this method, we expect to stop the running programs in your Android device.

Once Samsung keyboard is stopped from running completely, it will get a fresh start and work properly. This option will display all the apps installed in your device at the moment. You may know that the Samsung Keyboard falls into the built-in app category. Now, select the app you need to force a restart. Then, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes before using the respective app again. In fact, force restarting works fine to solve most of the minor software issues related to apps. We have noticed that many Android users have found this method to be highly effective.

So, your chances of fixing this keyboard issue are high if you use a force restart option. By the way, here is the best Samsung Data Recovery for you if you lose any important data after the force restart. Give your Samsung device a restart to fix Samsung keyboard error If your Samsung keyboard tends to give problems even after a force restart, you may consider a device restart. In fact, restarting your Samsung phone can solve various issues related to a large number of apps, including OS.

This is a really common practice performed by many Android users across the globe. Restarting your Android device helps it rectify most of the everyday issues.

It can solve many issues related to app crashes, software failures, and data crashes. In most of the cases, a device restart makes the respective device to work smoothly. In fact, it is a really simple process that can be done according to two different methods. Method 1 Press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds long press of the Samsung device. Then, you will see a list of options on the main screen. Select Restart or Reboot depending on your device model.

Method 2 If not, you can consider rebooting your device by pressing and holding the power button for 20 minutes. The device will automatically restart after that.

Use a different keyboard app instead of the default built-in keyboard app The methods we mentioned above may be able to solve the issues related to the Samsung keyboard. However, we cannot guarantee any of the above methods. Some issues related to apps need advanced solutions. So, what if you continue to experience the keyboard stopped working issue even after a restart? This is exactly when an alternative keyboard may become handy. Instead of using the built-in Samsung keyboard, you can use a different keyboard app and see if it works.

However, changing the default keyboard can sound pretty complex to some novice users. The general advice is to choose your keyboard app wisely in order to prevent additional problems. So, be sure to select a reliable keyboard app from a reliable vendor.

You may consider the following steps if you wish to use an alternative keyboard app to replace Samsung Keyboard. First, you should visit the Google Play Store. This is a default app provided by Android to download trusted and compatible apps on your device. In the Google Play Store, you will have to perform a search. You should search for a reliable keyboard app. Our preference as an alternative keyboard is Google Keyboard.

Apart from fixing the error, this respective method will let you use a better typing experience. Compared to Samsung Keyboard, as we believe, Google keyboard is a more effective option. How to do Android data backup and restore to avoid data loss? In certain cases, none of the above methods may work.

Does that mean that you have to give up hopes? Not necessarily. You can try resetting your Android device and expect this issue to be resolved. In fact, resetting your Android device can solve a large number of functional issues. After a reset, the device will get back to its original status with original settings. However, resetting your device will erase all the data except the external SD card. Therefore, before you reset the device, it is important to make a backup of your valuable data.

Otherwise, you will lose important data like your messages, contact list, photos, videos, etc. To address this issue in a practical way, we recommend you use a tool like dr. Here are some of the most notable features associated with dr. It allows you to back up your Android device data to computer selectively It can preview and restore the backups created in any Android device Very convenient user-interface that can be used even by a novice user Get dr.

We strongly recommend you to use this software to create a backup of your Android device before resetting it. Once the resetting is done, you will be able to retrieve the data to the device. Such a feature eliminates the fear of losing important data upon resetting your Samsung device. At the completion of a factory reset, your phone will have its original settings.

Therefore, after the reset, we expect your Samsung Keyboard to work properly. Accidental deletion, resetting without creating a backup and broken phone are some of such reasons.

Regardless of the reason, you can recover your lost data if you have powerful software like dr. With this powerful software, you can recover Android data upon the following scenarios. Lost data after factory reset Accidental deletion.

Part 2: One click to make Samsung keyboard work again

Some users are saying that they are getting this message user gets “ Unfortunately, Android Keyboard Has Stopped” when trying to enter the. Try this: Go to Settings / Application manager. Scroll right to the “All” tab. Scroll down until you find Samsung keyboard, and tap on that row. How To Fix Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Error In Android How many of you have face the error “Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has.

How to Fix Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopped Issue

Seriously, this will help you to protect your phone and will save all the data also. Install any other theme: Though you are installing any other theme in your phone then you need to remove it and will use the keyboard properly.

Part 1: Why “unfortunately Samsung keyboard has stopped” happens?

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HOWTO: How to Fix Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Keeps Stopped Issue

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Easily fix Unfortunately Samsung keyboard has stopped where the should now be good as the Samsung Keyboard should now be working. Samsung keyboard is not working? This article will offer all the effective ways to fix “Unfortunately Samsung keyboard has stopped” issue. The issue “Samsung keyboard has stopped” is both easy and hard to fix. Easy when.

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working

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