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Producers Vault

For you trap music types, aside from the usual kicks folder there is a specific bass kick folder which should round out your sound with these sub rockers. See what you can do with these! If you’re a fan of classic rap, the golden age, or just that all too familiar hip-hop as we know it New York DJ Premier Pete Rock type of sound, this is the kit for you.
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Producers Vault Latin Urban v1.5 x86 x64

Producers Vault

For you trap music types, aside from the usual kicks folder there is a specific bass kick folder which should round out your sound with these sub rockers. See what you can do with these! If you’re a fan of classic rap, the golden age, or just that all too familiar hip-hop as we know it New York DJ Premier Pete Rock type of sound, this is the kit for you.

For you electronic dubstep fans out there or possibly those who mix trap and dub for a good mix of hip-hop and electronic , we have this electro dubstep kit. Almost drums in this kit, dirty sounding with a touch of atmosphere. The kicks are strong with hard attacks, with snares and claps to match. The percussion samples complement the drums well.

These contrast from the short quick hits of the , and are more akin to drums chosen by producers like Timbaland, Danja, and you may even be able to use these drums for heavy electronic music like dubstep.

The cool thing about this particular kit is that the loops are included as well as the individual drums that compose the beat, which were cut by the originator of this kit.

If you just need some classic sounding drums, or if you need a good classic breakbeat loop to use as a whole, this is the kit for you. With over drums in this set, this kit could get this work. He’s also done work for Eminem and others, and has garnered multiple grammy nominations and three wins with the aforementioned artists.

This kit has drums from songs he has produced as well as samples that are consistent with his sound.

I associate all three of them together, so I found it fitting to bundle up these drums together. These drums are taken from songs they’ve previously done combined with drums made to sound like their particular style. The sound of these are a bit of a contrast to the lighter sound that has been prevalent today. If you don’t know how to master tracks or can’t afford someone else to do it, you can use this app to maximize the sound out of your tracks.

Later incarnations of this app include VST versions that you can use on your DAW’s, so if you like this app, you may want to research the newer versions of T-RackS as well as other similar apps such as iZotope Ozone. To all my boom-bap producers, you’re welcome. Come back next week to find out! With breakbeats so far between all 3 parts of the series, you boom-bap producers out there have a lot of drums to work off of. Get to it boom-bappers!

More funky hip-hop classic dopeness to come next week. In the vault we’ve got the first part in a big bundle of all the classic funk breakbeats that our beloved hip-hop has been built upon and then some. I’m sure some will be looking for the James Brown breaks, “Synthetic Substitution,” “Impeach the President,” and other notables, but they will be contained in one of the next parts of the bundle, and I will be releasing one part a week for the next few weeks.

For now, all you boom bap producers will have enough drums to cut from these breaks. If you’re getting tired of your default effects, try these and see if they can get that sound you’re looking for. The DSK Overture VSTi gives you 53 different orchestral instruments spanning the four different instrumental families, strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion with the ability to combine 4 of these for whatever desired orchestral sound you are looking for; definitely not bad at all for a free VSTi.

The VSTi also has various sound envelope options, as well as delay, reverb and chorus options. This is probably one of the best free VSTi’s I’ve ever had the opportunity to use and I’m sure my fellow producers especially those starting out will have no problem adding this one to your tools.

Lots of good sounds of all types in here, kicks, snares, hats, whatever you need. There’s a bit of a digital feel to these, so they would fit more with the sound that’s popular today. There’s a couple of drum sounds in there that remind me of tracks from Mobb Deep’s most famous album, The Infamous, so that’s how I came up with the name.

If you’re looking to add something extra to your drum beats, you may find it in here. There’s a variety of different effects, from different delays to different filters, different vocoders, different stereo effects and different types of distortions.

They are very simple to use, and if you need some effects away from the standard ones that come with your DAW, this may get you from point A to point B with some satisfaction. There are controls in it to also change the vowel sounds of the voices to give you some extra leverage, as well as reverb, breath, and different tonal controls.

Going back to our drum roots, we’ve got a decently sized kit of over 1, samples. The Banging Beats kit has over kicks, snares, and over hats, plus some guitar, horn, string and piano samples. It should keep you busy for a while. There’s also a mellotron style synth called Tapeworm, a bass synth called Ritual and more.

One VSTi that I thought was particularly nifty was the Field VSTi, which comes with 10 different sound ambiances that you could plug directly into your track that you can mix and match, all at good quality. Mack has contributed a drum kit to the vault this week. This particular kit has a focus on the Southern sound, mostly style drums as well as some instrument sounds and synths. You can check out J. Mack’s site at http: In addition, I’ve included two organ.

One is a dedicated church organ, and the other is DirtBag, which has a quite a few presets for different organs, like Hammond and Rhodes. Courtesy of the good folks at AnalogX ,this app allows you to load in 2 mono. You can then record one or the other or both.

You scratch by clicking and dragging your mouse on the wave shown playing on the interface. Once you’ve recorded your scratches they come out in. Boom-bap producers who can’t afford turntables, your welcome.

The scratch of my boy Flight’s vocals were done in this app. The strength of this plugin is how you can use each of these at different sections of a bar, and come up with some interesting combinations.

Now for those of you who may be confused by what I’m talking about, if you listen to Game’s “Put You on the Game” from his debut album, “The Documentary,” produced by Timbaland and go to the end, you’ll hear the beat go through different effects, like reversing, retriggering, tape stops, and the like.

I think not. It allows you to insert vinyl effects. This great plugin from Izotope can control the amount of electronic and mechanical noise, dust and scratches on the simulated record, as well as filters that simulate the era that the record would be from. This is a great sounding brass module with some presets that can get you going. If you’re a fan of Polow the Don’s producing, which has a fair share of brass, you should be able to use this VSTi with the quickness. What’s great about this kit is not only the actual brass sound you get, but you also get different ways the brass is played.

There are multiple crescendos brass starts low in volume and gradually gets louder and fuller with different characteristics both quick and extended, nice accentuated brass hits with quick release, and you can even choose from individual brass instruments french horns, trumpets and trombones or groupings ensembles, quintets in those stylings.

It’s definitely enough to give your beats some added beef. He provided us with a kit that, although small in number, will get the job done in many boom-bap style cases. The drums come with a slightly noticeable hiss on them to give you that feel of old school vinyl, and the kicks have a hard punch to them.

One thing you may notice is a lack of hats, but you can fill those in with either hats from the other kit in the bundle, or what I think would be a great fit would be the Deadly or Filthy Drum kits, also available below. You can check out Thug Poet’s blog by going to http: The other kit is the SIHD 1 kit, which is a great kit with very clear sounding drums, which I guess is indicative by the HD in the name of the kit.

This gives you some flexibility to go from newer styles where crystal clear recording studio quality is desired, or you can filter it up yourself and dirty it up for that old school flavor. There are some awesome punchy kicks in this kit that I personally use, and I’m sure you can find a use for them as well. The usual stuff is in there kicks, snares, hats , and you even get claps, castinets, various effects, percussion, tambourines, shakers, snaps, chimes, and more.

I’m guessing it’s called the MPC for the vintage Akai sampler, but I don’t know if it’s a sound set from the unit itself or bundled, or whether it’s inspired from sounds that came with it. There’s some saxophone samples, guitar samples, organ samples, horns and more. If you can’t get your hands on VSTi’s, the instrument samples can be useful in a pinch. Dre Drum Kits Another one of my favorite producers, Dre is notorious for that West Coast gangsta funk rap music of the 90’s.

Interestingly enough, on this kit some of the drums are slightly delayed in the time sense, not the effect like an echo to somewhat capture how doc’s drums are not always precisely on beat to capture a bit of that funk. I am aware that there is a Dre-mendous kit out there, and I haven’t verified that these three kits are the same.

It would seem likely though since there are 3 volumes in this bundle as well. At over samples, how can you go wrong? Start working on that bounce today by getting your drum foundation correct. The first two are inspired by two of the most legendary producers of hip-hop, DJ Premier and Pete Rock. Both of these kits contain dirty vinyl laced drums and some small instrument hits that are reminiscent of their styles.

The Pete Rock one has some horn hits that give you a hint of Soul Brother 1. The third kit is a huge kit, and it’s a collection of drums I’ve cut from hip-hop tracks and other genres over the years. The kit weighs in at samples, so I’m sure you producers out there can put these to great use. There are over samples in this kit, and it’s safe to say that a majority of your drums and percussion needs would be covered with this kit alone. Aside from the standard kick, snare, hats and claps folders, you have folders for crash cymbals, ride cymbals, separate folders for open and close hats, rimshots, shakers, tambourines, toms and congas.

This is the biggest kit we have put up to date, and there’s more out there still to share from the vault! Again, I feel that these drums can be used for a variety of applications, but they were categorized as west coast by the originator. On the second kit that’s on here, there’s an instrument folder that definitely has a west coast feel to them.

The bass sounds as well as the wah-wah’d guitars and other sounds should give you that g-funk sound you need for that west coast bounce.

This bundle weighs in at a little less than samples, so it should keep you busy for a while. He dropped this kit a long time ago on The RapMusic. The marching band stuff, though few in number, were great to me and provided a different yet pleasing sound for kicks and snares. The vox folder also has some good vocal cuts to help hype up your records; many of which you’ve heard on hit records, from hey’s to ow’s and oh’s. At samples, this kit should definitely keep you occupied for your next several production endeavors.

Make sure you follow Djay Cas at http: This kit has very hard and bassy kicks, with unique snare sounds and percussion.


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