Mac Pro Bluetooth Not Available

Mac Pro Bluetooth Not Available

Generally, it’s a reliable technology. At some point however, the chances are you’ll run into difficulty establishing a Bluetooth connection with one or more of your devices. Most problems can be fixed by unpairing and repairing the Bluetooth device, changing its batteries, rebooting your Mac, or performing an SMC reset. But if none of these methods work, you can always try resetting your Mac’s Bluetooth module. Here’s how to do it in macOS using the hidden Bluetooth Debug menu.
mac pro bluetooth not available

How to Fix “Bluetooth Not Available” Error on Mac

Mac Pro Bluetooth Not Available

It doesn’t matter whether it is a mouse, a keyboard or headset. Besides, Bluetooth panel is not accessible on the System Preferences, and its icon appears with a crooked line through it.

All the indicators mentioned above show that this is not a simple issue. Therefore, if you try to mend the problem of random disconnects of your wireless devices, restarting Bluetooth [3] might help. Those who are not experienced enough should follow the guide below which will briefly explain how to re-sync Bluetooth gadgets in Method 1.

In some cases, even this may not help. If the first method failed, make sure to try the second technique. Hence, you should follow the guide below and pick the instructions which are designed for the Mac computer you possess.

Method 1. Create a new. Search for all files with com. Select Shut down; After several minutes, restart your Mac and reconnect the wireless devices. Method 2. MacBook and MacBook Pro with detachable batteries: Shut down your Mac and remove the battery; Make sure that your power adapter is disconnected; Hold your Power button pressed for 10 seconds; Connect your power adapter and attach the battery; Turn on your Mac and reboot it. Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini: Turn off the Mac; Make sure that the power cord is disconnected; Press the Power button for approximately seconds; Connect the power cord and reboot your Mac.

Repair your Errors automatically ugetfix. If you don’t want to struggle with manual repair techniques, please use the automatic software. All recommended products have been tested and approved by our professionals. Tools that you can use to fix your error are listed bellow:

1. Trash Bluetooth.plist

The bluetooth icon is displayed as “Bluetooth: not available”. Reboot can fix this issue, Same Issue with a lot of MBP 13 & models. If this quick way can’t fix bluetooth not available mac problem, you will For iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro that have detachable batteries. Seeing the error “Bluetooth Not Available” on your Mac? Here are two Reset SMC in MacBook or MacBook Pro (with detachable batteries).

How To Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Available’ Error On MacBook Pro

Easy fix 1: Check the battery levels of your Bluetooth devices. You can do this by clicking on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, then selecting your devices. Easy fix 2:

2. Reset the SMC on Mac notebook computers

That said, there is need to keep track of the behavior of the Bluetooth feature installed in your MacBook Pro, especially the increased riding on Bluetooth in recent times as displayed by features such as Handoff, File Share and Continuity. Onwards there are technologies such as iBeacons that fully rely on the services of Bluetooth LE.

WATCH: Bluetooth: Not Available on Mac – Super Easy

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How To Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Available’ Mac OS X Problem Recently I started to get a new error from the Bluetooth module: “Bluetooth Not Available”. . Thanks, worked for me (November Macbook pro OS ). All the Bluetooth connected devices stop working, and the icon in the top bar reads “Bluetooth: Not Available.” Here you can find how to fix this. They cost $9 or so for good quality – try and look for one that says Mac compatible or buy from a company that accepts returns or can offer.

Mac Pro Bluetooth Not Available

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