Free Aax Plugins 2016

Free Aax Plugins 2016

Use the menu above to jump to different sections of the article. More info about each plugin available below. Sure, FM synths are great, wavetable synths are all the rage nowadays, yet something about the simple combination of basic waveforms, filters, and modulation keeps me coming back to the plain old virtual analog synthesizer time and time again.
free aax plugins 2016

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Free Aax Plugins 2016

Use the menu above to jump to different sections of the article. More info about each plugin available below. Sure, FM synths are great, wavetable synths are all the rage nowadays, yet something about the simple combination of basic waveforms, filters, and modulation keeps me coming back to the plain old virtual analog synthesizer time and time again.

That is one of the main reasons why a lovely VA synth called Synister caught my attention earlier this year, although certainly not the only one. Synister comes with a respectable set of features. It has three oscillators, two filters, three envelopes, three LFOs, four built-in effects, and a genius step sequencer. The modulation architecture is brilliant, with the majority of sound engine parameters having modulation source and amount assignment controls right next to them. Apart from the standard step speed and length controls, it also features a sequence generator, a real-time sequence randomizer that spits out a chaotic, randomly evolving sequence as you go , and a handy preset manager for saving and recalling your favorite sequences.

It is also an open source project, with the source code freely available on GitHub. Still, Synister is not a perfect virtual instrument. The tabbed user interface is probably its biggest flaw and a hindrance to the otherwise perfect modulation system. The routing is another aspect that could be improved.

More versatility in this regard would be a very welcome improvement for a future version of Synister, given the number of available modules on offer. But the potential to become one of the best freeware synths on the market is there.

More info: But it was re-introduced back to the scene with two significant upgrades this year. Secondly, compatibility with bit DAWs on Windows was added to the feature list. Pairing these purely digital waveforms with a set of analog modeled filters, Cobalt successfully evokes the nostalgic sound of 80s hybrid synths. Also worth mentioning is that each of the 26 available waveforms supports PWM, adding a lot of potential for creating rich and exciting timbres.

The antialiased oscillator features five waveshapes, each with adjustable noise and harmonic levels. The delay matrix works tremendously well for creating evolving sounds and drones, whereas the reverb helps to round them up a bit and add a sense of width to the resulting patch.

Sinnah is a synthesizer that is very fun to program, partially thanks to the well-designed user interface that looks clean and well organized.

The GUI is also fully vectorized and therefore resizable. To help you get started with Sinnah, sound designer Julian Ray has provided a set of 50 premium quality patches that can be downloaded completely free of charge from the product page linked below. It is a noise-based virtual instrument that is designed primarily for creating sound effects and background sounds, although it can also be used for recreating the sound of certain wind instruments and even some types of percussion.

The user can input four different states for the three available filters these are labeled as scenes A, B, C, and D. The synth also offers a large number of possible routings for the filter section, including multiple parallel and semi-serial modes. The oscillator section is equally impressive with its three oscillators, each with pulse width modulation, dual frequency modulation, and ring modulation capabilities.

A noise generator is also included, along with a rich sounding chorus effect. Being a synthesizer that is somewhat harder to program due to its elaborate feature set, having a larger number of included patches would provide a much better starting point for new users. The developer is working on creating new presets that will be contained in an updated version of the plugin, though.

A couple of unofficial user-made preset banks and skins are already available for free download via KVR Audio. Based on the commercial edition of Grooove, it features dual drum pads which can hold up to two samples at the same time. The coolest feature, though, is the pad modulation section which makes it easy to modulate parameters like pitch, filter cutoff, or sample start time via note velocity or one of the built-in LFOs.

Modulating multiple parameters simultaneously using note velocity can make sampled drums feel almost like a real-life instrument that responds to your playing intensity. The instrument can also work in standalone mode, in which case it can also playback MIDI files in case you want to load a sequenced drum loop.

Finally, Grooove BPB can export your customized drum kits along with the samples and save them for later use. Inspired by the CZ series of hardware synthesizers manufactured by Casio, Digits 2 brings phase distortion synthesis to the masses in the form of a freeware virtual instrument for PC and Mac.

This synth can do anything from FM-like bass sounds to punchy percussion and lush pads just add a fair bit of reverb on top , as you can hear in the One Synth Challenge entries that used nothing but Digits 2 as the sound source. It is a joy to use, very easy to program, and certainly a great first step for users who would like to start experimenting with other forms of synthesis after growing tired of the old virtual analogs.

A bit version for Windows is now also available! It models the analog drum machines of yesteryear and works very well in tandem with virtual synthesizers like Digits 2 and Cobalt.

How cool is that? This virtual sound module packs a very decent collection of samples, covering most of the basic acoustic instruments, orchestral instruments, and even a range of percussion. Orion Sound Module and Serpo are both Maize Sampler based plugins, meaning that they feature simple user interfaces with a limited range of controls for altering the included sounds.

Among the ten! It shares the same dual-oscillator architecture, two ADS envelopes, a single LFO, and even a very similar color scheme. I find the GUI to be decent looking although not necessarily beautiful and the fact that it is fully resizable is a big plus.

The most important thing, of course, is the sound quality. HY-Mono does admirably in that department, particularly for delivering wonderfully fat bass sounds and juicy resonant leads. For monophonic parts of your projects, especially analog style basslines, HY-Mono is a synth that is well worth having in your toolbox. It stands out as a high-quality, reliable virtual bass that is based on the sounds of a 4-string Fender Precision Bass.

The included bass guitar samples themselves sound great. Ample Bass P Lite II also features a set of tonal controls on the front panel, as well as a built-in sequencer for your bass parts. Although a decent range of dramatic bass slide sounds is included, I find myself missing the subtle sliding between notes that a real player would incorporate into the phrasing of the bass part.

However for most applications, especially for rock and pop, the free version of this plugin will serve you quite well. The free version has a few limitations, but it is still very usable. These limitations include a lower sample count, fewer round robin samples, and a limited note range. Not a breathtakingly innovative plugin by any means, this lightweight virtual instrument by Ample Sound is just your bread and butter virtual bass guitar with a decent sound and all the necessary features.

And I like that. On the other hand, this synthesizer sounds incredibly good. When a simple pair of detuned saw waves passed through a low pass filter already gives your a rounded, punchy bass sound, you know that the synth is a serious deal. The CPU usage is through the roof, and the synth will probably never be updated. But it was one of the most exciting plugin releases for me this year, partly because I was there during the initial presentation at Superbooth in Berlin, and partly because the instrument is based on the interesting idea of asking the users to vote for their favorite filter model.

I still hope that we might see a future update to RePro-Alpha at some point, one that will at least reduce the CPU usage by making the filter modes not run at the same time. It is a versatile wavetable synthesizer that is, unfortunately, only compatible with bit VST plugin hosts on Windows. Sweetcase is a sample-based electric piano VST plugin, released as a free download back in May this year by Noiseash. Despite being a very simple instrument on the inside, it delivers sweet and warm sounding electric piano tones that are worth having in your instrument arsenal.

We have two excellent delay VST plugins on the list, and another one included as an honorary mention. Plenty of quality reverb effects were released as well, although only one ranked in our Top 25 list. The thing that blew us away, though, was the impressive effort by HY-Plugins, who released nine amazing freeware VST effects this year.

It was set to be picked as the best free effect released this year from day one. More than just a bitcrusher, Krush is a versatile distortion tool with more advanced controls than most other similar plugins on the market on the market. Apart from the basics such as downsampling, bitcrushing, and distortion, it also features a resonant low-pass filter module.

All of these parameters can be modulated by an LFO with a choice of four waveforms one of which is white noise. The LFO can run in sync with the host tempo, or in free mode. When test-driving Krush, you may want to start experimenting with one of the 25 included presets so that you can get a feel for the power and flexibility of this bitcrusher, clipper, and distortion tool.

It provides the most useful mixing utilities in a single, easily accessible interface. These, of course, include what one would normally expect to find in a channel strip such as trim, gain, and a high-pass filter. These features open up some exciting creative possibilities, such as using TrackControl at the end of your effects chain as a stereo imager. It can also be used for artificial double tracking, by slightly delaying the duplicate tracks.

Channel Strips like this can also be used as the first insert of your channel to automate the gain for leveling the source material before it hits the compression stage. For those unfamiliar, the classic Pultec EQ consisted primarily of two different units: Since there is a separate knob for each function, one could boost AND attenuate the same frequency at the same time, a trick that is often used for improving the focus in the bass region.

PTEq-X has a very similar layout to the original Pultec EQs, but it combines both units into a single interface, potentially improving the workflow. It also includes an added emulation of a filter called the HL3C Filter, expanding the possibilities of the original hardware. It also models the spring reverb found in the Dynacord Echocord Super 76 tape delay.

These models are combined with additional features such as a built-in tube preamp, a phaser, a bitcrusher, a freeze switch, and an array of modulation options. The result is one of the craziest sounding and most versatile delay effects on the freeware market.

It is obviously inspired by the Korg Monotron Delay, but it brings a lot more options to the virtual table. Essentially, Lagrange is a granular delay effect with a twist. To quote Bryan Lake who did an excellent review of Lagrange on our website: Being the first-of-its-kind type of effect, Lagrange demands a fair bit of experimentation with the different controls and algorithms at hand for a new user to fully comprehend how the thing works.

The problem is, Mr. Tadashi Suginomori has released so many plugins this year that I simply had to make an exception this time. Even though it features only a fraction of the features available in the full version of the product, it is still versatile enough to cover a broad range of filtering tasks. From its resonant state-variable filter to the crazy comb and formant filters, and even a telephone filter, HY-Filter 2 will surely become one of the go-to mixing tools for many producers.

All of the signature HY-Plugins features are included as well, so expect to find a fully resizable user interface, a preset manager, a patch randomizer, a real-time waveform display, and even a built-in clipper effect, followed by a brickwall limiter. If I were to take a single filter to a desert island, HY-Filter 2 would be the clear 1 pick for me a water filter would probably a far better option in this unlikely scenario, but us electronic musicians are weird like that.

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Free effect VST Plugins, VST3 Plugins, Audio Units Plugins (AU), AAX Plugins and Rack Extension Plugins for Windows and Mac OS X. The results are sorted. fa SampleDelay – an extremely intuitive free VST / AU / AAX sample delay Plugin for phase / time alignment and delaying effects. ✓Download it here!. Discover and download paid and free VST plugins, AU plugins, AAX audio plugins, mastering plugins, equalizer plugins, compressor plugins.

Top 25 Free VST Plugins Of 2016

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Free Aax Plugins 2016

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