Download Skype App For Android

Download Skype App For Android

Once you install Skype, you can communicate with any other user, and taking into account that today there are more than million of them, is very probable that you’ll find who you are looking for. You can add any friend through his or her email address in a matter of seconds. Even though the best part of Skype, without a doubt, is the video calls, you can do much more from this official app. VOIP phone calls are the second most important tool, but you can also send free text messages and attach emoticons, your own pictures, or any other type of file.
download skype app for android

Skype – free IM & video calls

Download Skype App For Android

Though now there are numerous rivals both on desktop and mobile platforms, Skype is still used by billions, and not only due to being part of Windows now. First of Its Kind Back in the developers of notorious file exchange service KaZaa offered the world a new way to hear and see each other.

Due to the decentralized connection network it offered unprecedented features of voice and video calls online. The architecture of this project was as distributed as in KaZaa, where each user became a node with some shared content in order to download what others share. What it offered seems unrivaled magic. No wonder that Skype soon joined Xerox and preceded Google in becoming a common name. Features and Perspectives All you need to Skype now is the installed application and your Microsoft account.

Well, as Skype is now owned by Microsoft and featured in Windows as its part, the Redmond company has made life easier for its users and got others hooked.

Skype app now offers three ways of communication: Text chatting. Not strictly about texting, it also allows to send emoji, share photos, locations, documents and other types of data. Due to the integration of Microsoft OneDrive, files can be very big, and they are stored on MS cloud for long. Skype also offers real-time translation, gallery for viewing photos you shared with someone, and so on.

Voice calling. All you need to have is a mic and a speaker, or a headset. You can use it as a regular phone, except for calling emergency services.

Video calling. The quality is quite decent, maybe, enough to satisfy all your needs for quality communication. Paid service start as you leave its territory. As teachers get used to Skype, they insist their students use it too; and then students also get used to it. Leaving, say, Snapchat for lightminded pics exchange, they trust Skype with their business talks. Skype is still probably the service that is best optimized both for desktop and mobile usage. While services like WhatsApp or Messenger are first of all mobile ones, they require your cellular number and read your data, Skype is relatively anonymous.

It has now light and dark themes. You can also finally enjoy decent security. Between and Skype was just one big breach, but in Microsoft finally introduced end-to-end encryption, and Skype is on a par with those young upstart rivals like Viber or Telegram. Skype in Skype is compatible with most PCs and mobile devices in use now.

It only requires Android 4. Alas, Windows Phone 8. Still, it has its large fan base, and, in spite of shadowy forecasts, Skype is here for long. Skype Tricks and Tips There are extra tools for extra features. Try Skype Desktop for more features like editing blacklist. The more often spammers get blocked, the less sense it makes for them to go on. Conclusion Skype is a centralized Microsoft service, needing not your bandwidth or storage, but wanting your money or personal data.

But still old-fashion Skype download is available, and it has about million active users by now. Some devices have been banned like TV cameras or old Lumia phones Current versions are poorer in advanced features Phone number is unnecessary, so fake accounts are spamming more frequently Pros: Good quality of audio and video calls File exchange integrated with conversations Compatible with most hardware Still a business communication default Usability.


Download Skype for Android now from Softonic: % safe and virus free. button will take you to the Android Market where you can download this app. This mobile version of the popular VOIP app uses a WiFi or 3G connection (WiFi only in the US) to connect you to friends and family via Skype. Besides calling. Download Skype The best app for making video calls. Skype is the official app from the popular video calling program from Microsoft, thanks to which.

Download Skype for your phone

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What you will learn: Step 2: Open the Skype app on your Android mobile device Once you have downloaded Skype onto your device you can now start using it.

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Download Skype apps and clients across mobile, tablet, and desktop and across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Skype for Android is an application that lets users send and receive calls from Skype is a free communication app that lets users make free voice and video. M. Rate this App. Keep Skype updated with the Uptodown APP. About this version. Package Name: License: Free. Op. System: Android.

Download Skype App For Android

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