Clion License

Clion License

Add to Cart As a Licensee you may install and use the product on any number of clients and on any operating system supported by the product, but you may not allow the same Subscription to be used concurrently by more than one 1 User. The license terms of this product require that we verify your eligibility prior to it being delivered. After verification, your purchase will be added to your JetBrains Account.
clion license

Free individual licenses for students and faculty members

Clion License

CLion is covered by a perpetual fallback license, which allows you to use a specific version of software without an active subscription for it. The license also includes all bugfix updates, more specifically in X. Z version all Z releases are included. When purchasing an annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time. What happens after my Subscription ends?

When the subscription expires, you are entitled to use the specific version of the software that was available when your subscription period started. You are no longer entitled to use any more recent updates which were released during the subscription period. A Commercial Business license is the standard licensing option for organizations and business entities. Licenses are purchased by the company and can be used by any single person within this organization.

A Personal Individual license is an option for private individuals who purchase a license with their own funds, and solely for their own use. Personal licenses are not available from ComponentSource, and may not to be purchased, refunded or in any way financed by companies.

For more information see JetBrains Subscription Options. If your subscription has expired, you can purchase a Subscription Renewal for Lapsed Subscriptions, which gives you all the benefits of a subscription – including access to the latest version of the software. Purchasing a new subscription gives you access to previous versions of the same software – which is available to download from the JetBrains Web site. Can I add more developers to my license? Yes, it’s possible to buy additional commercial annual subscriptions for existing subscription packs.

Please contact us for more information. What type of support do I get? JetBrains offers quick, unlimited support via email or the JetBrains Web site. Alternatively, you may use an offline activation code. Can I buy an old product version? Purchasing a new CLion license also entitles you to use previous versions of the same software.

CLion Subscriptions are backwards compatible and can be used with any previous versions that are still available for download. Versions released on Nov 2, and later can be activated with a JetBrains Account username and password or Activation Code.

You may download previous versions of CLion from JetBrains. Can a license be transferred from one developer to another? Licenses may be transferred between developers within the same organization. The person responsible for handling licenses can assign and revoke licenses from within their JetBrains Account. Looking for a similar product? We have many alternative solutions available in the related categories below.

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Licenses are issued as a number of free annual subscriptions that provide access to JetBrains Toolbox (All Products Pack including all JetBrains desktop tools). We can supply CLion commercial licenses including New Subscriptions, Subscription Renewals, Lapsed Subscription Renewals, and Additional Developer. CLion. A powerful IDE that helps you develop in C and C++ on Linux, OS X and Please contact us if you require any licensing option not listed, including.

Free Educational Licenses

Free Educational Licenses Are you a student or an academic staff member? If you are a student enrolled at an accredited educational institution or a teaching staff member, you can apply individually for all JetBrains products at once! Apply for free student pack Classroom Licenses for Accredited Educational Institutions We provide free licenses to universities, colleges, schools and other non-commercial educational organizations to support classroom instruction in on-site classrooms and computer labs. Licenses are granted to official organization representatives:

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HOWTO: CLion: JetBrains Toolbox subscription

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JetBrains is a company that developed professional development tools like Clion, PyCharm, PhpStorm and more others. The company gives. Licenses are issued as a number of free annual subscriptions that provide access to JetBrains Toolbox (All Products Pack including all JetBrains desktop tools). Various languages and standards. CLion natively supports C and C++, including C++11 standard, libc++ and Boost. In addition to C/C++, you can use.

Clion License

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