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Carbon Electra

So a review for MuLab 7 which was released in May is somewhat overdue. The latest version is 7. A minimum resolution of x and powerful multi-core are recommended but not necessary although it is an important point when considering how you will use MuLab.
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Carbon Electra

So a review for MuLab 7 which was released in May is somewhat overdue. The latest version is 7. A minimum resolution of x and powerful multi-core are recommended but not necessary although it is an important point when considering how you will use MuLab. There have been a myriad of updates and improvements since the original review. To try and summarise these, version 7 brought improved sound; easier audio recording; improved audio marking; improved support for streaming files with different sample rates; a step sequencer; new modules including audio rate modulation, sample and hold, parameter randomisation also works on VSTs , pitch bend; enhanced racks; user definable grids; swing parameter; improved piano roll.

Version 7. These are all listed on the change log page should you require any further information. There are a number of different purchase options, a new MuLab licence costs 69 Euros which includes an integrated MUX modular system.

You can also purchase both together for 99 Euros. Upgrades are also available at a discounted price. One point to note is that when you purchase the full version, you will be granted an initial user key so that you can use MuLab straight away. The permanent key is then emailed once the order has been manually processed which is normally within 1 — 2 working days.

The good news is that a free version is also available and it is recommended that you try this first to ensure that MuLab meets your needs. The free version is limited to 4 tracks and 8 VSTs. Full details and terms and conditions can be found here. The GUI is familiar but the updated fonts and design give a more modern look and feel. It is still intuitive to use and setting up the audio and scanning VSTs is the same straightforward process.

If you have a lot of VSTs like me it can take some time to scan them all but then any subsequent additions can be done very easily by scanning a single file or folder. Another useful feature when you upgrade versions is that you can copy your user folder to retain your user settings and files. The factory content is also very impressive. The instruments cover a very wide range including bass, leads, pads, sequences, organs, soundscapes. Similarly effects include chorus, distortion, filters, delay, reverb, flangers and experimental units.

There are also a number of audio generators, audio processors, event generators and event processors. This is what the GUI looks like using one of the demo songs. Next to this is the transport panel and completing the top row is a focussed module keyboard. To the right of the screen is the file manager where you can browse and load samples, midi files, instruments etc. The main part of the screen is determined by the selected view button.

The left hand side shows the tracks within your composition and the bottom of the screen shows the racks. The racks hold modules, VSTs, effects, event processors etc and are very flexible.

They can be linked to specific tracks, used as part of an elaborate effects chain or used for event processing to control external hardware for instance. To see MuLab 7 in use, the basic intro video is really good. It introduces the workflow and demonstrates a number of the instruments and effects: The devices are worth a further look because they offer lots of creative potential. MuSynth is a versatile and flexible synth. These 4 sources can be processed by a ring mod and up to 3 filters which have very flexible routing options and there are also 4 plugin slots to insert global effects.

MuDrum is one of my favourite drum modules. It allows you to create virtual analog sounds, use samples or a hybrid of the two. As well as volume, panning, tuning and envelope controls you can also layer 2 samples which is a really useful sound shaping tool in itself.

There are 4 racks so you can apply specific effects to individual drum sounds and well as 3 plugin slots to insert global effects. There are 12 pads which correspond to each note of an octave so you can trigger the sounds by pads or a midi sequence and save created drum kits as presets for future use. If you want to get really creative you also have access to a complete MUX which offers virtually unlimited modular options with envelopes, filters, LFOs etc. There are also 4 plugin slots to insert global effects.

The grain player is an excellent addition. You can get some very interesting effects by changing the start and end points of a sample and then adjusting the start, length and attack settings for the grains and then altering the global pitch settings.

You create an audio track, select the input whether this is direct such as a microphone or from a rack. Decide how to monitor i. Snap markers are also a great addition. They can be very useful for precisely aligning vocals with a drum beat for instance.

They are easy to use, simply put a marker at the desired point on the vocals and set as a snap marker so that the file snaps to the marker rather than the start of the recording. The MUX modular deserves a special mention. This is essentially the engine behind MuLab and is a modular synth and effect.

It allows you to create pretty much anything you like from synths to sample players to unusual effects. You can combine the three different types of signals — audio, event and modulation in the modular area and create a front panel to control the different parameters.

There are a number of modules and presets that you can use to get started. I also mastered the finished track separately in MuLab using Neutron iZotope. I find MuLab easy and intuitive to use. The workflow has a logical feel with tracks on the left, racks at the bottom and the composition components such as midi files, audio files etc in the main window which are arranged linearly. Completed racks can be saved as presets and you can also colour code them and arrange them in an order as you see fit.

You can drag a rack to create a track or alternatively you can add a track and then assign it to a rack. A screenshot of the project is shown above. This is an example of a drum pattern using the midi sequencer. One tip is to give the pads meaningful names and then when you create a sequence these will be displayed as notes in the octave making it easier to enter your drum pattern as shown above.

For the demo song I recorded the grain player output to audio so that I could switch it on and off and edit settings live as I recorded. This is because I am used to live editing and live recording in Usine Hollyhock II whereas I could instead use automation and edit this to give a more precise recording.

There are a host of improvements that have been implemented since version 6 which make it an even more attractive option. It has excellent sound quality and despite the complexities is intuitive, flexible and easy to use. It also has good support in terms of documentation, an active user forum and regular updates and improvements. FREE Potoo codes playamaqui.

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I first approached Carbon Electra slightly blind, I have to say. Reviewing it on holiday without internet access, I had no preliminary information. While it’s never going to change the world of synthesis, Carbon Electra sounds gorgeous and is inspirationally easy to use. Description: Plugin Boutique & Samplify represent – Carbon Electra is a powerful and intuitive synthesizer created by manufacturers for.

Carbon Electra Synthesizer Plugin 1.5 Brings New Filters, Distortion Mode & More!

Overview A powerful, easy to learn synth engine with no hidden menus. Super flexible unison control ranging from subtle warmth to massive super saw or super square sound. Multiple stereo width parameters allowing high precision control of the stereo field.

Creating sounds | Making music | supporting fellow musicians | reflections in time

Carbon Electra Synthesizer Plugin 1. Plugin Boutique has recently updated the virtual analog Synthesizer plugin Carbon Electra with many new features and improvements.

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Carbon Electra Synthesizer adds new classic analog style filter modes, new distortion mode, new FM options as well as new presets!. Carbon Electra by Plugin Boutique (@KVRAudio Product Listing): Plugin Boutique & Samplify Present Carbon Electra – a powerful and intuitive 4 Oscillator . Read Carbon Electra Synth Plugin Review at ProducerSpot. When I’ve fired up the Carbon Electra synth plugin for the first time, I’ve found myself at home!.

Carbon Electra

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